mSite Readiness Report

Have you ever tapped on a Google Search result on your mobile phone, only to find yourself looking at a page where the text was too small, the links were tiny, and you had to pinch and zoom to see all the content? This usually happens when the website has not been optimized to be viewed on a mobile phone. This can be a frustrating experience for mobile searchers and your potential customers, who will most likely click back to the search results and go to your competitor.  Here are some quick facts:


Most businesses see a shift in customer behavior that indicates customers are both more comfortable converting on their mobile devices and are shifting their research to mobile. To understand this better, use this dashboard (click to generate your report) to help you analyze mobile specific data for your own website. Its free


48% of users feel frustrated and annoyed when they get to a site that's not mobile friendly Click To Tweet

Analysis of the reports

Top 5 Exit Pages (Mobile)

Find out which of your website pages have the highest number of people dropping off on mobile phones. Making them mobile friendly should be top priority

% New Sessions and Bounce Rate

Find out how many new users come from mobile as compared to desktop and what % of them bounce off without interacting with anything. Mobile friendliness can drastically reduce website bounce rates and increase conversions.

To view this data

1. Log into Google Analytics
2. Click on the “Generate my data” button
3. Select a view of your choice
4. To see trends: add more comparison to the data range selector (YoY, MoM would be best, but be sure to at least look at trends month-over-month)

NB: If you are not tracking transactions, the warning “There is no data for this view” will appear in some reports. In That case, set up E-commerce tracking.