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Horror Story đŸ˜±

Stephen King here is a new movie for you

Hyundai Mobility Adventure | Jump into the Epic Journey (Official Launch Film)

Hyundai Mobility Adventure | Jump into the Epic Journey (Official Launch Film) Hyundai pioneers the digital automotive experience on Roblox with its participation in the metaverse. In campaigning for the company’s latest initiatives for sustainability, Hyundai targeted the tech-savvy population and partnered with Roblox for Hyundai Mobility Adventure. The video game highlights an immersive experience between characters…
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The 10X Mentor

Currently listening… In The 10X Mentor, available exclusively in audio via Audible, Grant Cardone—business titan, entrepreneur, real estate mogul, New York Times best-selling author, thought leader, philanthropist, and founder of the 10X Growth Conference—takes listeners underwing to teach them the fundamentals of his success, and not just modest success: We’re talking 10X success. He will give you his…
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Sustainable transformation: 3 ways marketers can lead the way to net zero

Ben Essen is global chief strategy officer at creative agency Iris, working to drive sustainable progress within businesses, brands, and society.o If digital transformation defined the past 10 years of marketing, the next 10 are set to be determined by another, greater challenge: cutting carbon emissions to net zero. As a $600 billion industry that influences the lives…
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“Americans are spending over 1 billion hours per week freelancing” (Upwork)

That’s over 114,000 YEARS worth of freelancing in the space of 7 days, from one country. That’s crazy! So what’s going on here? This HUGE shift in people freelancing was forced by the pandemic. A lot of people were out of a job, so they had to do what was necessary. But here’s the AMAZING…
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