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Prepare for upcoming changes to Apple’s iOS 14

Hi Hilton, Apple has announced changes that will adversely affect the way our ad systems work, and may affect your ability to reach people with personalised ads. In early 2021, we expect Apple to require all apps in the App Store to implement their AppTrackingTransparency framework. This will affect the ability of apps to receive…
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Fight, Flight or Freeze? Pick An F

In a crisis, our brains do one of three things: fight, flight or freeze. Our response behaviour to the crisis determines where we end up on the other side. Those who fight will not only survive but will position themselves to thrive.

Meeting your performance goals with Display

Meeting your goals with Display Google Search is a powerful way for your business to reach new and returning customerswho are searching for businesses like yours. But today’s online journey has become complex.Customers don’t always know what exactly they’re looking for online,and often make purchasing decisions based on what’s presented to them. Including Display in…
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Optimize your content for Google Discover

Google can present a summary of your page as a card shown to users in Discover, which is a scrollable list of topics that users can browse on their mobile devices. Tapping a card will send the user to the page that is the source of the Discover entry. Discover shows users a mix of…
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