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LinkedIn Targeting Options – Job Experience

Job Function: Based on standardized groupings of the job titles entered by LinkedIn members. For example, a doctor would fall under the Medical function along with members with similar occupations such as nurses, veterinarians, surgeons, and dentists. Tip: Combine the Job Function option with the Seniority option to reach decision makers with a specific expertise.…
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7,800,000+ LinkedIn Audience size in South Africa

To get started, first define the Location and Language of the members you’d like to reach.Location is the only mandatory field. A member’s Location can be based on the Location included in their profile as well as their IP address. A member’s Language is based on the Language used in a members profile. Most often…
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Targeting on LinkedIn

Targeting is a foundational element of running a successful advertising campaign — Getting your targeting right leads to higher engagement, and ultimately, higher conversion rates. By advertising on LinkedIn, you are getting your message in front of the right person when they are most engaged, and you can reach a professional network of more than…
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Coronavirus lockdown in South Africa

South Africans will be forced to stay indoors for 21 days from Thursday, March 26, to April 16, as a national lockdown comes into effect in a bold and unprecedented effort to stave off the rampant coronavirus that has gripped the whole world. President Cyril Ramaphosa made the announcement on Monday night saying that all…
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The Coronavirus Outbreak – We are praying 🙏 for an end to this sickness

Lives are being lost, and lives are being turned upside down. In South Africa we have 240 confirmed cases. Don’t panic as you are not aware of the fact as per the report of NY times that most cases of coronavirus infection are not severe, but some people do become quite sick. Data from the…
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