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Digital Marketing skills are in high demand

However talent is hard to find When it comes to job availability and security, the future looks bright for digital marketers. The marketing industry continues to evolve due to emerging technology and marketing platforms, and as such marketers are expected to pick up new skills and broaden their knowledge more quickly. This rapid rate of change has created…
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Latest infographic showing Tshwane Free WiFi usage

Well done to Alan Knott-Craig Jr and the team at Project Isizwe for setting this up. Tshwane will never be the same again. Key takeaways: 705 free internet zones 755 000 unique users to date 24 million connections made to date 157 000 average monthly unique users from 2015 52.6% male  | 47.4% femaile 57% under 24…
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Context-Aware Conversational Search Using Google’s iOS App

Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that Hilton is a “No Apple Zone”. I have never been a fan of Apple, even back in the day with the cool multi-coloured Macintosh. I can hear most people saying something like “bru you missing out” or “it’s because you went exposed to it…
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Use Mobile Bid Adjustments To Win Mobile Consumers

A mobile bid adjustment is as a percentage increase or decrease that is applied to normal Costs Per Click (CPC) bids with the intention of winning coverage on mobile devices. It’s fairly easy to set up an AdWords account by picking various keywords, selecting a decent bid as suggested by Keyword Planner, and immediately start…
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Is There Such A Thing As Building Too Many Links?

Matt Cutts answers: