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Bye-bye 7 Pack, Hello 3 Pack Aka Snack Pack Local Results

Addresses and Phone numbers gone, leaving only the N in NAP Google always makes updates to the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and more often than not causes a stir in the SEO community with both gainers and losers across the board (content aggregators and mom & pop sites). This time local businesses are the ones…
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The Truth about 404 Error Pages and Penalties

I have sat in long (and draining) meetings with Developers turned SEOs debating over a myth that 404 Error Pages result in multiple penalties on Google. One guy became very emotional in one of the meetings and literally put fear (terror actually), in one of our executives when he bluntly came out saying that our…
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48% of Emails Are Viewed On a Mobile Device

Yet most Brands have not adopted a Mobile Friendly Email Strategy Consumer behaviour has completely outpaced marketer action when it comes to embracing mobile and a change in strategy is needed. It’s true that there are more mobile friendly sites online, especially after the Mobilegeddon update on the 21st of June – however what’s worrying is…
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AdWords Rolling Out Drag & Drop Report Editor

There was a lot of excitement on Twitter today as numerous AdWords advertisers tweeted about seeing a new Drag and Drop Report Editor in their accounts.  Google first released this report in a few accounts as teasers last year in April and quickly retracted.  According to Search Engine Land, AdWords Report Editor started showing up…
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Gillette Wins With a Digital-First Approach for Gillette BODY

To generate buzz around its newest product, Gillette BODY, Gillette targeted a rapidly growing population of body-grooming men. Gillette adopted a digital-first approach deep rooted in a YouTube campaign which generated awareness for Gillette BODY and delivered more than 500,000 clicks-to-buy. See results @thinkwithgoogle