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Hyundai Mobility Adventure | Jump into the Epic Journey (Official Launch Film)

Hyundai Mobility Adventure | Jump into the Epic Journey (Official Launch Film) Hyundai pioneers the digital automotive experience on Roblox with its participation in the metaverse. In campaigning for the company’s latest initiatives for sustainability, Hyundai targeted the tech-savvy population and partnered with Roblox for Hyundai Mobility Adventure. The video game highlights an immersive experience between characters…
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Tough Mudder’s Facebook Watch shows average nearly 500K views

Tough Mudder is one brand that is seeing its Facebook Watch investment pay off. In October, Tough Mudder’s first Watch show — in which an instructor taught a live workout class — saw 37,000 views. Now, Tough Mudder is seeing hundreds of thousands of views on every video, with its latest video of another workout…
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Grey Poupon – Society of Good Taste

Grey Poupon made its mainstream debut in 1981, where it was positioned as a very very sophisticated mustard, you know because it’s French and the recipe has been around since 1777. It was a hit with millions of Americans and produced one of the most iconic phrases in advertising history – “pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon”…
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Email marketing case study – Urban Vintage

Learn how Ipswich fashion retailer Urban Vintage was able to increase sales by over 100%, building a detailed opt-in customer database and using this data in a series of location-targeted email marketing and SMS marketing campaigns around their July 2011 summer sale cialis andorre acheter.

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