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Take 20% of Your Time Creating Blog Content & Use the Remaining 80% for Promotion

Most bloggers spend way too much time focusing on content creation and ignore content promotion. This “write it and let Google do the rest” attitude has resulted in the death of many blogs and as PT Barnum once said – Without promotion, something terrible happens… nothing! Crazy Egg designed an interesting infographic which takes you…
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Content Marketing Exam Done & Dusted

This is the reason why I have been silent for the past week. Glad its done.    

The Optimal Length for Social Media & Web Content

As marketers, we are continuously striving to find the best way to optimize our communications (both offline and online). We also know that that longer online content and social media posts can dissuade our consumers from engaging with our brand. I still refer to this post by SumAll (posted October 2014) which provides best case…
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