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We All Make Mistakes – Even Google

Even Google Analytics has issues with their reporting at times. So ease up on giving developers pressure when sites and other web applications crush during demos and normal usage. We are all human đŸ™‚

7 Pitfalls to avoid when measuring marketing campaigns

A marketing campaign can be defined as a series of activities used to promote a product or service to a defined target audience within a specified time period. It is designed with a specific objective in mind and has a start and end date. There are different types of marketing campaigns, ranging from traditional media…
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Measuring your advertising campaigns with Google Analytics

Are you taking full advantage of Google Analytics to measure the impact of your advertising campaigns? The article will show you how to use Google Analytics to track your advertising efforts and gain insights into their performance. This in turn will inform your future campaigns.

Click, Baby, Click!

Do you really know where you hard earned advertising cash is going?

Get insights for any website or app

I love SEO tools and have I lost count of the tools I used since 2005. There were some really great ones that I still use today and some that I would rather not comment on. One tool that I really like (and still use today) is Similar Web, developed by Similar Group. In my…
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