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1 United States Dollar equals 19,05 South African Rand 😭

1 United States Dollar equals 19,05 South African Rand 😭 This is a huge cause for concern as the money in our bank accounts lost value in just 1 month. Multiple downgrades from rating agencies, contracting GDP, Eskom rolling blackouts, Governance, low investor confidence, uncertainty and CORONA (COVID-19) have all played a massive role in this…
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CRISIS Averted – How businesses can survive COVID-19

During times of crisis, most people are going to freeze up, retract, and actually do more harm than good. They follow the crowd, turn off their advertisements, and try to conserve. The companies and businesses that do the most in this period, are going to come out on top way stronger than before.. So here’s…
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Will South Africa Get A Downgrade To “Junk Status” Tomorrow?

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan believes that South Africa will avert a downgrade to junk status on Friday. Will tomorrow be d-day? Thoughts