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A Mobile-First Mindset Is Essential in Marketing Analytics

As people move between channels and devices, traditional media metrics have become obsolete—making a mindset shift critical. New research from Google shows that companies making that shift were more than twice as likely to have significantly exceeded their business goals. Leading marketers choose to focus on bottom-line sales and profits rather than just clicks and conversions.

Text ads remain the most effective PPC channel for advertisers

The Team at Hanapin have released their annual State of PPC for 2016-2017 and here are some of the key findings However only 86% of respondents claimed effectiveness this year versus 90% of respondents from last year Over 50% of all respondents are still not using programmatic advertising in their marketing mix. Of the respondents that…
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Are longer video ads better than short ones?

Here is an interesting fact – The most-viewed ads on YouTube were all over a minute in 2014 and 2015. So is longer better? In the past standard TV ad were 60 seconds long. But to bring more advertisers to the platform, Ad networks first offered 30-second ads, then 15-second ones to serve advertisers with…
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How Shoppers get Inspiration in the “I-Need-Some-Ideas” Moments

Sometimes shopping happens on impulse. But other times, there’s a bit more thought that goes into deciding the perfect brand, service, product, or style—whether that’s for a purchase as small as pen or as large as lounge suit. Find out how Shoppers get Inspiration in the I-Need-Some-Ideas Moments  

Is your business ready to embrace virtual reality?

It’s still early days, but virtual reality is quickly gaining mainstream attention. Global search interest on Google grew by nearly 4X in the last year. Virtual reality is no longer a novelty. It has real applications for brands today. Viewers can feel that tickle in their stomach when sitting in the cockpit of a jet in…
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