The Reality Of Digital Disruption — How To Stay Ahead

Digital disruption is much more than an abstract concept promoted by analysts and vendors; it is now a reality for most organizations. More than one-third of executives in a recent Forbes Insights/Treasure Data survey say they are being directly affected by competition from digital and data-savvy players in their markets. Additionally, a majority of executives … [Read more…]

With an eye on TV ad budgets, YouTube debuts search-based video ad targeting

  Television networks and providers are racing to combine traditional, content-based ad buys with digital-style, audience-based targeting. But YouTube would like to beat them to it. YouTube began letting brands target their ads based on anonymized information Google collects on people outside of YouTube, such as people’s Google search histories, a year ago. Now, the Google-owned … [Read more…]

Google Eliminated 3.2 Billion Bad Ads Last Year

Early this week, Google released its annual report detailing how many ads it blocked, cleaned and filtered from its digital platforms. According to report, Google removed 3.2 billion ads from its platforms in 2017, which is nearly double the total number of bad ads when compared to 2016. Google said this equates to removing about … [Read more…]