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Google says Wix sites are fine for Search. I don’t agree!

Google, (via John Mueller) confirmed last week on their Webmaster Central Help Forum that sites designed using the Wix platform work fine for search and this got a lot of people talking straight into the new year. Here is the conversation. Anyone who knows me knows I love Google. I have the t-shirt, flash drive,…
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Google’s New Year’s Eve Doodle for 2016

It’s less than 13 hours before we enter a whole new year, and given how much of 2016 has been marred with controversies (the crisis in our Universities, schools being torched in Limpopo, Guptagate, Pravin Gordhan and the NPA, Muhammad Ali and…, the list is endless – many of us can’t wait for 2017 to…
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Progressing towards a more secure web with Chrome 56

Google is really serious about making the web a much safer place, by not only giving sites with https:// a ranking boost in Organic, but by also revealing the security or lack thereof, of a site to surfers who arrive there via others channels. Here a two extracts from the Google Security Blog. We have previously ignored Google’s plea…
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Amazon Prime Video Undercutting Netflix in South Africa

Jeff Bezos is all about innovation and I believe he has scored big with this. Amazon Prime Video is here in South Africa and is undercutting Netflix – big time. Here is their ad on Google – plus there are all over the news as well. and here is the offer Yeap  – US$2,99 per…
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Amazon Go – Simply Pick n Go

Amazon always stretches the limits when it comes to innovation, and its CEO, Jeff Bezos is not afraid to use the market to determine if those ideas will work or not. While most other companies test and beat an idea to death before even considering whether it will go to market, Amazon goes in with…
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