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Google Ads ends monthly campaign budget test

Google has ended its short-lived test of monthly ad budgets, it appears. Advertisers that had access are now being notified. Any campaigns using it will be switched to daily budgets. Advertisers were informed by Google that monthly budgeting will no longer be available as of April 2020. The test began in September 2019 and as…
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Ad Rank

A value that’s used to determine the position of your PPC ad, in relation to other ads on the search results page, including whether or not it’s displayed at all. Ad Rank is primarily determined by your Bid amount Quality Score components (expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience) the expected impact of…
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How to get broke (fast) using AdWords

Have a look at this SERP – Movit surely worked hard to get this slot. But 2 failures Headline says – Cape, Durban, PE and EL – so most likely wont service me. Clicked anyway as surely the ad appearing means they have some thing near me. Dead URL – this is just a blunder.…
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Campaign-level audience targeting now available

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) and Customer Match are great tools that can help you reach people who’ve previously interacted with your business at the moment they’re ready to buy.  They are very important in driving conversions as a study conducted by Forrester Research revealed that 96% of shoppers won’t make a purchase on their…
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Improve your Account Health Score for Search

The AdWords Product Management team is always looking for innovative ways to help advertisers get the the most out of their AdWords marketing campaigns, such as by making tools such as the Keyword Planner, Display Planner and Opportunities available free of charge to all Account Managers.  Though still in beta, I believe the team has really outdone…
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