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Google begins rolling out June 2019 core update

Google has launched the June 2019 algorithm update, as it warned on Sunday. On Sunday, in a rare move, Google pre-announced that it will be rolling out an algorithm update today. Google named it the June 2019 core update. That update is now rolling out according to an update from Google. Here’s Google’s update. At 1:02pm ET, Google…
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Google’s Chrome 68 browser will mark non-HTTPS sites as ‘not secure’ effective July

After years of pushing for ‘secure by default’ web sites, Google will identify insecure sites in the Chrome browser. it will then also mark all sites that have not migrated to HTTPS as “not secure.” This move will coincide with the release of Chrome 68 and will look like this in a user’s browser: Google…
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No page information in search results

Why is the description missing in Google Search? If you see a result with “No information is available” in Google Search: It means that Google could not access the page in order to create a useful description to show in Search results. How to fix it You are seeing this result because the page is…
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Low Value Content Sites Hit Badly By Google Fred Update

  Earlier this month there was a lot of chatter and mostly panic in the Black Hat SEO Community as tonnes of sites lost rankings overnight on Google across the globe. I had an opportunity to review 45 sites I found in the chat forums, as webmasters desperately shared their URLs in an effort to…
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