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Adopt A Mobile-First Approach For Your Site Or Risk Losing It All

If there is one thing us digital marketers love doing at the beginning of each year is to speculate. Test it yourself and you see what I mean. Just ask 10 digital marketing gurus the same question and I bet you my lunch that you will get 10 different (and interesting) answers. However 2017 is…
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Google says Wix sites are fine for Search. I don’t agree!

Google, (via John Mueller) confirmed last week on their Webmaster Central Help Forum that sites designed using the Wix platform work fine for search and this got a lot of people talking straight into the new year. Here is the conversation. Anyone who knows me knows I love Google. I have the t-shirt, flash drive,…
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Fix errors on your AMP pages – Google Warns

Google’s move to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) was a very intelligent business move which will prevent users from switching away from mobile web browsing towards native apps. These lighting fast loading pages (housed in Google’s own cache) will keep users engaged with Google search on smartphones. Google will be throwing a lot of weight behind…
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Yellow star ratings (reviews) now more popular on Google SERPs

I am seeing more and more organic listings with the eye-catchy yellow star ratings (reviews) on Google, and to be honest I am kinda feeling jealous as I have not yet scored one myself. Moz tracks 10,000 keywords across different industries and they have seen these appearing on 35.1% of the queries. That’s a huge…
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A quick break down of Google’s Mobile-first index

2017 is truly the year for mobile – and please hear me out before protesting as I know this is not the first time you are hearing “the year of mobile” slogan. You most likely heard this numerous times in 2015/16 at a digital marketing conference, webinar or read it somewhere on some blog. However,…
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