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The Truth about 404 Error Pages and Penalties

I have sat in long (and draining) meetings with Developers turned SEOs debating over a myth that 404 Error Pages result in multiple penalties on Google. One guy became very emotional in one of the meetings and literally put fear (terror actually), in one of our executives when he bluntly came out saying that our…
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A Closer Look At Google Home Services Ads

Yesterday I discussed how Google is currently testing a new set of Home Services Ads within the SERP and the future of PPC. This is a major change in the market and to better understand this let me show you what the normal SERP would look like for “San Francisco plumber.” The page has Local Google My Business…
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Google Home Services Ads Spotted in San Francisco

Google has started testing Home Services Adverts within its SERP to promote local service providers. The Search giant confirmed a beta test for the program in the San Francisco Bay area.  The program has features similar to those of other home service providers such as Yelp, Amazon Home Services and Angie’s list, but with major UX…
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