Facebook shrinks mobile News Feed ads

As of August 19, 2019, your News Feed ads will be smaller than they are now. Fewer lines of primary text: As of now, your mobile prospects can read up to seven lines of ad copy before being prompted to click “See More.” As of next month, they’ll only see three lines of that primary copy. Reduced maximum … [Read more…]

Trendjacking Case Study | Castle beer to be sold without labels post Ashwin Willemse incident

In an announcement on Twitter on Monday night, Castle Lager said it will sell beer without labels “in solidarity with all those who are unfairly and callously labelled on a daily basis”. The beer brand used the hashtag #AshwinWillemse, in reference to a racially-charged incident on a SuperSport set at the weekend. The label-free beer … [Read more…]

Ad Targeting: A Facebook Overview | Facebook for Business

Learn about ad targeting options for your Facebook ads. Reach your audience by location, gender, age, likes and interests, education and more. Many advertisers who don’t understand Facebook’s ad targeting options don’t properly target their ads. Because most advertisers only use one or a few of Facebook’s most common and thus most competitive targeting options, … [Read more…]

7 effective ways to engage on Twitter

Twitter is an ideal tool to help you stay informed and drive traffic to social properties. Most importantly, it helps you build relationships with like-minded people. Here are 7 tips to increase engagement with your communities on twitter. Be the first to break the news Promote others Infuse personality into your profile Ask for a … [Read more…]