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With an eye on TV ad budgets, YouTube debuts search-based video ad targeting

  Television networks and providers are racing to combine traditional, content-based ad buys with digital-style, audience-based targeting. But YouTube would like to beat them to it. YouTube began letting brands target their ads based on anonymized information Google collects on people outside of YouTube, such as people’s Google search histories, a year ago. Now, the Google-owned…
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Welcome to 2017 – The Year of Supernatural Growth

And the ballons are out…Welcome to 2017 2017 is going to be bigger, greater and more blessed. Have faith

Are longer video ads better than short ones?

Here is an interesting fact – The most-viewed ads on YouTube were all over a minute in 2014 and 2015. So is longer better? In the past standard TV ad were 60 seconds long. But to bring more advertisers to the platform, Ad networks first offered 30-second ads, then 15-second ones to serve advertisers with…
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Is your business ready to embrace virtual reality?

It’s still early days, but virtual reality is quickly gaining mainstream attention. Global search interest on Google grew by nearly 4X in the last year. Virtual reality is no longer a novelty. It has real applications for brands today. Viewers can feel that tickle in their stomach when sitting in the cockpit of a jet in…
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Mobile Has Changed The Way We Watch – Is Your Brand Ready

The mobile movement has engulfed the planet, and mobile consumption is fueling the growth of video. YouTube found out that people are adapting quickly to this new reality, inventing their own ways to make videos not only more comfortable to watch – but more portable, more functional and more useful for them. Is your brand ready?