How to find mobile-first keywords

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Mobile-first queries or keywords, are search terms that are searched more often on mobile than on desktop. Most Account Managers bid on the same keywords for both mobile and desktop traffic, and tend to miss out on the minuscule variations and long-tail keywords that are specific to mobile users. You need to think through what a user might search for while on-the-go versus while using a desktop computer at home. For example, people may use more abbreviations or location names when they search from mobile devices. If you have a client who owns a restaurant, a desktop-first keyword might be “Italian restaurant booking,” while your mobile first keyword is “Italian food near me.”

The search term report has all the answers

Mobile-first keywords are actually hidden within your campaign and you can unearth these beauties.

  1. Go to your Keywords tab, and select the Search Terms report.
  2. segment your traffic by device.
  3. Have a look at your Impressions column. Ask yourself whether you are getting nearly equal impression counts between desktop and mobile on your most popular search terms. Are there some terms that have many more impressions on mobile devices?
  4. Keywords with significantly more impressions on mobile devices are potential mobile-first keywords
  5. Add these to your keywords list and adjust the keyword bid accordingly.


Move these to a brand new dedicated campaign as separating these “mobile-first” keywords allows you to monitor their performance much easier, and also make important targeting and optimization decisions customized for your mobile audience.


  • Set a separate budget aside to ensure your ad is always eligible to appear for these keywords
  • Create mobile-preferred ads with customized calls-to-action
  • change your mobile bid adjustment to capture relevant traffic.

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