Google says Wix sites are fine for Search. I don’t agree!

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Google, (via John Mueller) confirmed last week on their Webmaster Central Help Forum that sites designed using the Wix platform work fine for search and this got a lot of people talking straight into the new year. Here is the conversation.

Anyone who knows me knows I love Google. I have the t-shirt, flash drive, PC speakers, watch, another t-shirt, pen, pencil and my fancy back pack. I have literally build a career around both their main revenue generator (AdWords) and Organic presence and respect their way of thinking. But I am afraid that I have to challenge this statement and this can confuse young  webmasters. the statement is not true. Wix sites are terrible for Search and I strongly disagree with this response. Plus the operative word here is “fine”, which as an adverb means.

Fine does not mean good, nor does it mean perfect. It certainly does not mean “best” either. In my own experience, Wix sites are the worst when it comes to winning any decent traffic from SEO. I would rather invest in a Yola offering which has less limitations than Wix.

Here are a few reasons why I don’t agree with this statement

Wix sites do not support HTTPS

Wix does not support HTTPS and for HTTP/2. This is already a big setback as Google considers having a secure site as a ranking boost. They even answered a user on their own site


Wix sites are a nightmare for crawlers

Wix builds and presents website content using AJAX technology. This tech allows for smooth drag and drop, as well as easy edits. However, Googlebot and others have issue crawling it. How then can you rank when you cannot even be indexed. This would lead to a scenario such as as the one below, where a site is never indexed and thus would never be discoverable on Google.

Users have to know the direct URL to be able to access this site. Or they website owners has to pump a lot of money in advertising

Google does not know this site

and look its old enough to be indexed by now

Its miles away from WordPress

You really have to work twice as hard to rank a Wix site on Google or Bing when compared with a WordPress one. Time is a precious resource and rather use that time working on WordPress and yield better returns

Wix really messes up mobile

Their sites are not as responsive as they should be. Actually let me just say it – the mobile experience is horrible. Just look at this site they are showcasing on their main website. Looks fine on desktop right.

But then have a look at the response site – took forever to load as well


Is that the best place to add the Hamburger button? When I clicked on it button the whole screen was cluttered.

Wix has no AMP support?

Now really? AMP is where everything search is going.

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