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Digital Marketing Consultant

It pays to be the best. It pays more to work with the best.

My work has been responsible for generating tens of millions of new leads and hundreds of millions of rands in new revenue for my clients.

I have one main commitment to you – And that is results.

But not results at any cost. Results in a way that provides goodwill and value to your market place, and is congruent to your core values and ways of doing business.

Here are my options for working together…

1. Digital Advisory (Consulting)

Private consulting with me and have me act as a marketing advisor to your business and work with you and your team for ongoing results.


– A business that is operational with a product or service – plus fulfilment mechanisms
– Includes a 10 hour consulting block that can be used at once or spread out
– Monthly retainer

2. Lead Generation Campaign


– A product or service with proper fulfilment mechanisms in place
– Sales Funnel
– Monthly retainer

3. The Digital Accelerator Call

A 55 min, deep dive screen sharing session to accelerate any current marketing efforts or to discuss ANYTHING you would like. Contact me for pricing

4. Coaching

Group coaching or one on one at my office or yours (whichever you prefer). Contact me for pricing

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