Facebook shrinks mobile News Feed ads

As of August 19, 2019, your News Feed ads will be smaller than they are now. Fewer lines of primary text: As of now, your mobile prospects can read up to seven lines of ad copy before being prompted to click “See More.” As of next month, they’ll only see three lines of that primary copy. Reduced maximum … [Read more…]

Google’s giant gallery ads for search are coming: What they are and how you’ll pay for them

Advertisers can feature up to eight images in gallery ads, Google’s new mobile search ad format. Many of the announcements to come out of Google Marketing Live this year enable advertising across multiple Google properties. One of the few specifically search-centric announcements is the arrival of gallery ads. Google has been testing gallery ads for … [Read more…]

The Reality Of Digital Disruption — How To Stay Ahead

Digital disruption is much more than an abstract concept promoted by analysts and vendors; it is now a reality for most organizations. More than one-third of executives in a recent Forbes Insights/Treasure Data survey say they are being directly affected by competition from digital and data-savvy players in their markets. Additionally, a majority of executives … [Read more…]