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In The 10X Mentor, available exclusively in audio via Audible, Grant Cardone—business titan, entrepreneur, real estate mogul, New York Times best-selling author, thought leader, philanthropist, and founder of the 10X Growth Conference—takes listeners underwing to teach them the fundamentals of his success, and not just modest success: We’re talking 10X success.

He will give you his signature takes on how to:

• Commit
• Set goals
• Get known
• Create a narrative about yourself
• Connect
• Improve
• Motivate
• Create multiple streams of income
• Go big or go bigger
• Create wealth
• Market yourself
• Choose great partners
• Get rid of the people, places, and things that no longer serve you
• Execute
• Follow-up
• Deal with setbacks
• Assess your business and your team
• Turn liabilities into assets
• Give back

The 10X Mentor offers a unique opportunity to get the 10X message directly from its source. With lively illustrations from his own considerable business experience, Cardone will guide listeners in setting high goals—higher than they might have previously imagined—and then he’ll teach them exactly what they need to do to achieve them.

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