71% of Emails Are Viewed [First] On Mobile Devices

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However Desktop still rules in Conversion Land

Research conducted by Movable Ink reveals that Brits prefer using mobile devices to access email [that arrives in their inbox for the first time], using mobile devices as opposed to using desktop computers. Email open rates on mobile are on the rise (currently sitting at 71%) according to the research – with smartphones commanding a staggering 42% of the share of the pie.  The data analyzed was for Q1 2015.


Apple won the mobile race and took the crown in all mobile categories. According to the research, iPhones account for over a third of all email opens followed by iPads controlling close to 30%. Google didn’t fare as much expected – only controlling 9%

Desktop is still conversion King

Smartphones were not able to stack up when compared with the larger screens when it came to conversions. 40% of all email marketing conversions occurred on desktop, while 37% of conversion occurred on Tablets.

Head over to eMarketer and read the full report.


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