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Staying current in Paid Search Means Investing in Mobile

However getting ahead means adopting a mobile-first perspective. We are at a pivotal moment in paid search as mobile usage gains more ground when it comes to overall traffic to digital platforms. I had lunch the other day with Duane and recalled how we used to run search campaigns for SMEs in our early days…
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A Closer Look At Google Home Services Ads

Yesterday I discussed how Google is currently testing a new set of Home Services Ads within the SERP and the future of PPC. This is a major change in the market and to better understand this let me show you what the normal SERP would look like for “San Francisco plumber.” The page has Local Google My Business…
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Google Home Services Ads Spotted in San Francisco

Google has started testing Home Services Adverts within its SERP to promote local service providers. The Search giant confirmed a beta test for the program in the San Francisco Bay area.  The program has features similar to those of other home service providers such as Yelp, Amazon Home Services and Angie’s list, but with major UX…
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Companies that ignored Mobilegeddon are paying the price

According to the Adobe Digital Index (ADI) report, Advertisers that didn’t pay attention to Mobilegeddon are paying higher prices for less clicks on mobile search. The report revealed that poorly planned mobile strategies are not only hurting advertisers but Google itself. Companies that were not adequately prepared for Google’s mobile friendly update lost as much…
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The Optimal Length for Social Media & Web Content

As marketers, we are continuously striving to find the best way to optimize our communications (both offline and online). We also know that that longer online content and social media posts can dissuade our consumers from engaging with our brand. I still refer to this post by SumAll (posted October 2014) which provides best case…
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