Is your business ready to embrace virtual reality?

Digital Marketing Consultant

It’s still early days, but virtual reality is quickly gaining mainstream attention. Global search interest on Google grew by nearly 4X in the last year. Virtual reality is no longer a novelty. It has real applications for brands today.

Viewers can feel that tickle in their stomach when sitting in the cockpit of a jet in an acrobatic air squadron. The New York Times puts viewers in the shoes of displaced children around the world. Virtual field trips let teachers take students places a school bus can’t.

4 questions for brands interested in VR

  1. Will VR give viewers an experience that they otherwise couldn’t have?
  2. Could you give shoppers a better feel for your product?
  3. Will your recording environment be rich with things to see?
  4. Will viewers want to continue watching beyond the initial “That’s cool” moment?

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