Download AdWords Editor 11.7 & Setup Bumper Ads Offline

Digital Marketing Consultant

Google has updated their AdWords Editor to version 11.7 and the Google Best Practices team started sending out emails about this today. They have added a couple of things in this release and this includes support for location extensions, bumper ads as well as square images for responsive ads.”

Here is the full changelog with version 11.7

  • Export expanded text ads as responsive ads
    Version 11.7 allows you to use the “Export as” feature to convert expanded text ads into responsive ads.
  • Location extensions
    It is now possible to create, edit, and remove location extensions in AdWords Editor. However linking to Google My Business accounts isn’t supported as yet.
  • Bumper ads
    AdWords Editor 11.7 has extensive support for bumper ads – a short video ad format designed to enable you to reach more customers and increase awareness about your brand using a short, memorable message.
  • Gmail multi-product promotion template
    This new release allows you to create and edit Gmail ads using the multi-product promotion template.
  • Square images for responsive ads
    Square images for responsive ads are now supported.
  • More frequency options for video campaigns
    In addition to “per campaign,” you can now also use “per ad group” and “per ad” frequency capping for video campaigns.

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