I Was Hacked & Didn’t Even Notice

Digital Marketing Consultant

My site was hacked on the 20th of January by an individual or group calling himself/herself/themselves I******  – see screenshot for the name. I don’t want to have my site associated with his/her/their name ever again. Like really – this is is a direct violation and actually scary.

This individual or group of internet terrorists was/were able to inject a post right into my blog without detection. I have a bunch of security plugins and none of them picked this up – scary. I checked on Google and there are over 500,000 other victims like me.

I am lucky that wasn’t fatal and most likely an individual looking for some sort of black-hat SEO benefit. I should have taken the message in Google Search Console to update my WordPress version seriously on the 10th of February.

Google even mentioned having a vulnerable site.

But I don’t think this terrorist went all the way to hack my site just to tell me how much they love me, To be sure I fired up my Fetch as Google tool all looks fine.

I updated WP but need to update all my plugins as well.

The nerve of this cyber terrorist! Please secure your sites people – cyber-attacks are real.

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