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The AdWords Product Management team is always looking for innovative ways to help advertisers get the the most out of their AdWords marketing campaigns, such as by making tools such as the Keyword Planner, Display Planner and Opportunities available free of charge to all Account Managers.  Though still in beta, I believe the team has really outdone themselves as they have introduced 2 new features which will really help with optimization work. I noticed 2 new notifications in My Client Center this evening.

  • Improve your account health score for search
  • Campaigns missing Expanded Text Ads or ETAs for short

Account Health Score

Upon clicking on the first notification, I was taken to this screen with all my campaigns, my overall account health score (65%) and a set of recommendations.

The Account Health Score for Search measures how well your Search Network campaigns are configured. Click To Tweet

The Account Health Score for Search measures how well your Search Network campaigns are configured. It comes with a set of recommendations that will raise your score and help your campaigns perform better. The second campaign on the right is doing well in terms of CTR and CPCs – however a score of 59% shows I afar from a distinction and that’s most likely that’s the 9 recommendations will cover. Clicking on the recommendations links reveals the following optimization tips:

  • adding negative keywords – to reduce wasted spend
  • adding sitelink extensions – to increase Click through rates (CTR)
  • adding callout extensions – to increase CTR
  • adding a call extension – to increase traffic
  • switching to standard ad delivery – to improve ROI
  • setting conversion tracking – to improve reporting
  • adding more keywords to low traffic adgroups – to increase traffic
  • adding more ads to an adgroup, as exposed to having 1
  • using estimated 1st page bids


Clicking on “Add now” fires up the AdWords interface and a message. The KPI is also added, which is increases CTR.

Completed optimization task will be ticked – that’s my 59% lol. Got a lot of work to do.

Campaigns missing Expanded Text Ads

Expanded text ads have almost 50% more space when compared to standard 95 character text ads. Google is pushing advertisers to upgrade and the deadline is end January 2017. Tools such as AdWords Editor can help here. Clicking on the notification takes me to the offending ads. Remember do not edit standard ads as that essentially deletes them. Create a new set of ETAs and allow them to grow.

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