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Company Name

Company Name is the organization a member lists as his or her employer. These are based on LinkedIn Pages, which are maintained by company employees.

Whether your campaign goal is awareness or retention, Company Name targeting allows you to focus your campaign on high-value accounts and reach decision makers across
an organization.

You can target up to 100 different companies using the Company Name option. For those who’d like to target an even larger list of companies, Matched Audiences allows you to upload a list of up to 300,000 companies.

Company Industry

Company Industry is a company’s primary industry of operation. An organization may operate in many industries, however only the primary industry of operation as listed on their LinkedIn Page will be recognized.

Industry targeting allows you to narrow in on members who work in a particular sector. This is particularly effective if your offer is broadly applicable across an entire industry, for example, a piece of software geared towards the financial sector. However, when your offer is applicable across several industries, other targeting options may be more effective.

Before utilizing Industry targeting, look at LinkedIn Pages from a few companies that fit your options to see which industry they fall under. Consider including all relevant industries in your targeting.

Company Size

Company Size allows you to reach members based on the size of the organization at which they work as listed on their Page. Company Size comes from the total number of inferred employees who work for an organization, not just the number of LinkedIn members who identify as working for a given company. Company Size allows you to effectively identify small and medium-sized businesses (1-200 employees) as well as enterprise organizations (500+ employees).

Company Size is one of the options where excluding options works particularly
well. For example, a startup that’s making accounting software designed specifically with small businesses in mind could exclude 501-1000, 1001-500, 5001-10,000 and 10,001+ from their targeting. This ensures members who are on LinkedIn and work for an organization that has yet to create a LinkedIn Page are captured.

Company connections

LinkedIn allows you to target first-degree connections of selected companies – if they have over 500 employees.

Company followers

This selection will let you reach your company page followers.

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