LinkedIn Targeting Options – Education

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You can target based on the School, College, University or other learning institution where a member completed a course.

For example, an alumni association can use Schools targeting to reach alumni who may be interested in joining their association
or donating.

While Schools targeting allows you to reach the right alumni or students at scale, targeting by School may also decrease your audience size since it isn’t a required field when creating a LinkedIn profile. Check your estimated audience count to determine if you’ll reach enough members.

Make sure you add all subsidiary Schools when trying to reach an entire college or university. For example, when advertising to Harvard students, be sure to add Harvard University, Harvard Business School, Harvard Law, Harvard Medical, etc. as they have separate school pages


Degrees are recognized ranks granted by a college, university, or other learning institution. Degrees are grouped by LinkedIn algorithms and organized in standardized Degrees you can use for your campaign targeting.

Choosing to target by Degrees can sometimes limit your audience size as the Degrees field is not always populated by members.

Education-based organizations can use Degrees targeting to reach members who might be interested in furthering their studies through additional courses or programs. For example, if you’re advertising an enrollment offer for an advanced degree program, you could exclude those who already have a master’s degree. Layering Degrees targeting with Job Function (ie. finance, accounting, IT) is a common way to reach audiences who would be most interested in a specific type of educational degree.

Fields of Study

Field of Study is the major or area of study within a member’s degree. For example, those with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) may have a major in either Accounting or International Business.

For some campaigns, Field of Study can be used as a proxy for skills or expertise in a given field, especially for recent graduates.