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Job Function: Based on standardized groupings of the job titles entered by LinkedIn members. For example, a doctor would fall under the Medical function along with members with similar occupations such as nurses, veterinarians, surgeons, and dentists.

Tip: Combine the Job Function option with the Seniority option to reach decision makers with a specific expertise. For example, if you’re looking to reach decision-makers in the IT function, try targeting the Information Technology, Engineering, and Operations functions and pairing that with a seniority targeting of Senior, Manager, Director, VP, CXO, and Owner.

Job Seniority: Describes the rank and influence of a member’s current role in their organization. This option is determined by a member’s job title. For some campaigns, targeting by seniority can be an effective way to reach those with influence over a buying decision. For example, a Senior Product Marketing Manager has a seniority of Manager, an Associate Consultant has a seniority of Entry, and a Doctor or Physician would be classified as a Senior Individual Contributor.

Tip: Consider targeting Senior Individual Contributors (ICs). Increasingly, ICs have a large say in buying decisions. If you’d like to reach senior ICs with lots of experience, target them by choosing Senior and combine that with the Years of Experience option.

Job Title: When members update their LinkedIn profiles with new roles, these job titles are grouped by LinkedIn’s algorithms and organized into standardized titles. For example, though most engineers fall under the Engineering job function, you may want to target Software Engineers and Petroleum Drilling Engineers differently given they have a different set of skills.

Tip: Avoid limiting your reach by targeting only a few titles. When you begin entering a title in the tool, Campaign Manager will auto-suggest other relevant job titles that you may want to add. Including all relevant titles will ensure your campaign has adequate reach. In some cases, you can also broaden the scale of your campaign by targeting both current and past holders of a given Job Title. These members may have changed roles but still have a relevant skillset and be of interest to your business. Do this by selecting current or past in the Job Title dropdown.

Member Skills: Highly relevant keywords found within a member’s profile and skills section that indicate expertise in a particular area. Member-entered skills in the Skills & Endorsements section on their profile, skills mentioned in their profile text, or inferred skills based on their listed skills.

Skills targeting is an alternative way to reach professionals with a specialised expertise when Job Title targeting may not be as effective. For example, if your business sells Project Management Software, Job Titles may not be as effective given several roles may have a need for project management software. However, Skills targeting allows you to target specific competencies that may span a broad range of job titles.

Tip: When using Skills targeting, consider pairing this with the Function or Seniority option. This helps to focus the reach of your offer on a more relevant audience.

Years of Experience: YOE allows you to reach a target audience based on the years of professional experience they’ve accumulated over their career. LinkedIn calculates YOE by adding together the duration of each individual job experience a member has listed. However, we exclude any gaps in experience and also do not double count overlapping positions.

Tip: Consider pairing Years of Experience with a Seniority level of Senior and above to reach experienced professionals with influence over the buying decision or prospects for an Executive MBA program. Other helpful combinations with Years of Experience include:

YOE + Degrees = educated professionals who may be considering advanced degrees
YOE + Functions = seasoned functional leaders
YOE + Skills = skilled experts

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