Ad review delays expected due to COVID-19

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Saw this alert on Business Manager this morning. Corona virus really impacting on business operations worldwide

Here is the official note from Facebook

Due to the global impact of COVID-19, we’re working with our partners to send home all contract workers who perform content and ad review, until further notice.

We remain committed to keeping our platform safe and minimising disruptions for businesses. Ad reviews are expected to take longer than usual, and this may cause delayed ad delivery. Appeals may also be reduced or experience slower response times.

When new ads are submitted they require review. Also, when ads are edited, such as changing the text, targeting or destination landing page, that will also cause a new review to occur.

Consider following these best practices to prevent delays in your ad review time:

  • Only change the budget or start/end date for an existing ad so it doesn’t trigger a new review.
  • If your ads are performing well, consider extending the delivery period for those ads instead of creating new ads.

Feeling 😤 😡 and 😩

Corona please go away already…

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