Adwords Labels Now Green

Digital Marketing Consultant

A number of internet users in Europe and the US reported seeing green labelled adverts on Google in April, while none appeared in South Africa. I picked up these green labelled adverts this morning as well  and I think this is where Google is going. Here is what I saw around 11am, before the green labels disappeared (by 1pm):


However my colleague who sits right next to was not able to pick these up and kept saying the traditional yellow labels. It seems Google is testing this on a small scale (individual sessions), and not on specific queries.

yellow labels

So why go green?

One thing that we all know about guys in silicon valley is that they are smart and know how to maximize opportunities. This might just be a test but knowing Google they have found a way to get more clicks on adverts – which is not only a win for their customers but also big revenue for them as a business. The green labels blend in well with the display URL and thus make it look less like an ad. If users think results are organic, then perhaps they will be more likely to click on them.


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