Change Your Life in 19 Minutes with Earl Nightingale

Digital Marketing Consultant

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Ask a man of every house two questions.

1. What are you doing at the present time to increase your income now?

2. How much money are you planning to be worth at age 65?

The reason men don’t make more money during their working lives and the reason men aren’t financially independent by the time they’re 65 is simply that they seldom, if ever, do any constructive thinking on either subject.

Most people, more than 90% aren’t even in the race.

You see people who earn large incomes aren’t lucky and they’re not crooks as those without money are so fond of pretending nor are they endowed with more brains or talent necessarily than their friends and neighbors, nor are they privy to occult secrets and only a very few were lucky enough to have had rich fathers or grandfathers.

“We must view with profound respect the infinite capacity of the human mind to resist the inroads of useful knowledge” – Earl Nightingale.

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