Gmail Says Its Me. Oh, Ok!

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One of my students sent me an email on Monday after a lengthy training session the previous week and missed the dot in my gmail address. They sent the email to hiltonjohani@gmail.com (which I know I did’t set up – ever), as opposed to my beloved hilton.johani@gmail.com which I have been using since 2005. Guess what though;

Google says its mine – or its me. See screenshot below:


I know Google is smart and has the smartest people working for them  – but wow! this goes above just knowledge. This is straight up wisdom and thumbs up to the big G. Gmail knew that I would panic and to calm me down they gently mention that this is in fact me:


Clicking on the learn more link takes you to this page –https://support.google.com/mail/answer/10313?hl=en

I quote the section on: Your address is similar but has more or fewer dots (.) or different capitalization

Sometimes you may receive a message sent to an address that looks like yours but has a different number or arrangement of periods. While we know it might be unnerving if you think someone else’s mail is being routed to your account, don’t worry: both of these addresses are yours.

Gmail doesn’t recognize dots as characters within usernames, you can add or remove the dots from a Gmail address without changing the actual destination address; they’ll all go to your inbox, and only yours. In short:

hiltonjohani@gmail.com = hilton.johani@gmail.com
hiltonjohani@gmail.com = HILTONJOHANI@gmail.com
hiltonjohani@gmail.com = Hilton.Johani@gmail.com

All these addresses belong to the same person. You can see this if you try to sign in with your username, but adding or removing a dot from it. You’ll still go to your account.

If you get mail that seems to be intended for someone else, it’s likely that the sender entered the wrong address, just like if you’ve ever dialed a wrong phone number for someone. In these cases, we suggest contacting the original sender or website when possible to alert them to the mistake..

Google also posted a video discussing this.

Pretty cool right?

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