Prepare for upcoming changes to Apple’s iOS 14

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Tim Cook and Facebook Boss

Hi Hilton,

Apple has announced changes that will adversely affect the way our ad systems work, and may affect your ability to reach people with personalised ads. In early 2021, we expect Apple to require all apps in the App Store to implement their AppTrackingTransparency framework. This will affect the ability of apps to receive conversion data from iOS users.

Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency framework will limit the information that can be exchanged with third parties such as Facebook, which may significantly affect ad creation, ad personalisation and performance reporting. This disruption will affect advertisers using pixel, Conversions API or any other Facebook business tools that optimise, target or report on events from a web domain.

What do you need to plan for?

  • Once Apple enforces these changes, domains with existing web events will be configured by Facebook to send no more than eight default events. All ad sets optimising for events outside the eight auto-configured pixel events will be paused.
  • For domains where multiple businesses or personal ad accounts own pixels, domain verification must be completed. This can be done in Business Manager.

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