Stop Hashtag Abuse – Dos and Don’ts

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A Hash tag is a metadata tag (type of label) mostly used on social network sites (e.g. Facebook) and micro blogging sites (e.g. Twitter). They help users identify messages with a specific topic or content.  One can easily create these labels by simply placing the hash tag character # in front of a word.

The majority of people usually place hashtags in the main text of the message or near the end.  Searching for a hashtag will then bring up all messages tagged with it – thus creating searchable links.

Hashtags rapidly developed to be an essential part of how we communicate on social networks. They help us categorize things that we are talking about, stuff that we are tweeting, or pictures that we are instagramming.  Hashtags allows marketers to monitor and track what consumers are saying about their brands, as well as their competitors.

However, this lovely tag is suffering a bit of abuse as a lot of people are using it incorrectly. I thus wrote this article to help licence future “hashtagers” and hopefully have happier tags out there.

Do : Use Industry specific hash tags to join in on conversations


Don’t: Please don’t hashtag every word in your post. It’s rather annoying


Do : Keep it simple. Try and use less than 3 hashtags in a post. 2 is best

Don’t: Avoid putting hashtags on random phrases. Absolutely no one is going to click on this.


Do: Always try and create a hashtag for your business or for an event you are hosting – (or attending, but chances they will have one already). It’s a simple easy way to engage and organize content your guests or consumer are posting.

Don’t: Avoid Hashtagging the same word in every post.  – While this is good when promoting your brand, it tends to get old real quick. hashtag-man

Do: Use capital letters to distinguish between the different words in a phrase – it makes it easier for people to read.

Don’t: Separate words with spaces or any other type of punctuation, like commas, question marks, etc. they don’t work in a hashtag


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